Every year in the middle of trying to figure out what to get folks for the holidays it occurs to me that I should write something about gifting me back. Now that I have a nominal site in my own name, I figured this was a good place to put this down in a more permanent fashion. I will update this page over time as my tastes and circumstances change.

So here is the Gifting Guide to Ryan:

Gifts are given, not reciprocated, if I give you something you’re under no obligation to give me something back.

Give me no gift that incurs you debt.

Small is better than big.

Consumable is better than permanent.

It really is the thought that counts, not the cost.

No really, you can literally share a thought with me, something about you that lets me know you better, or a memory we share that reminds me of us.

If you gift me booze I’ll likely make you a cocktail with it.

Sending me expensive stuff from the US to the UK yourself stands a good chance of incurring me import fees. A good way around this problem is to see if you can buy what you wish to send me from a UK-based-site.

I wear 3XL American Apparel T-shirt by preference. If you don’t know the brand and there’s a tall/long option I prefer that. I like clever t-shirts but dislike designs done in a thick layer of solid-rubbery ink (shirt won’t breathe and I’ll get sweaty)

I like board games, however because I live in a smallish place, games which have a smaller footprint and are good when played with 2-4 players are better for me. You can see the games I already own on boardgamegeek.com

If all else fails and you need a quick win, I have a wish list on Amazon UK under my name.